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We envisage a future of hassle-free communications and connections within the legal communities in Singapore through the implication of technology.


         1. Recruiting the use of digitization eg. legal-related calculator app to help lawyers calculate legal fees/stamp duty & Loan Agreement and anything related to property effectively

         2. Easing lawyers-clients connection through directory system available (With directions and contact number)

         3. Provide updated information on Singapore statutes


“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe

It all begins with the community’s needs.

The dilemma

All these while, clients can only look for lawyers through person-to-person recommendation or search engines like Google.

Then, it takes a some time to go through and select from the list of websites available through their short description. After that, it will also cost some extra time to see if the lawyers could meet your need before deciding to make that call. Those who find lawyers through referrals might end up with an unsuited lawyers due to miscommunication.

On the other hand, lawyers are limited by both resources and publicity rules in searching for potential clients.

Both are shorthanded in terms of time and resources.

The resolution

The gap has led our team to constantly innovate and come out with resolutions to meet the community’s needs better. We recruit the state-of-technology to help smoothen and increase the success rates of lawyer-client relationships. 

It’s a time when people no longer need to spend ample time in search for lawyers just like lawyers do not have to crack heads looking for leads and resources to a livelihood. All they have to do is to contact us or utilise the self-service application provided to find a compatible lawyer/commissioner of oath to their cases.

In Easylaw, lawyers (other law firms, real estate agents, bankers, property investors, lawyers, commissioner for oaths) and clients (members of public in need of legal services) achieve their goals.

1. Legal fees/buyer stamp duty (BSD)/additional buyer stamp  duty (ABSD)/seller stamp duty (SSD)/mortgage loan calculator
2. Constantly updated information on Singpaore law statutes
3. A directory for commissioner of oaths and notary public (Contact and areas of practices)

Any extra time and resources saved can then be allocated to other priorities such as further growth of businesses. 

We believe that law should be made Easy; Affordable; Simple; to You.


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